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Why is it that when I click on contact, nothing happens?

Re: Contact

hm.... well that's not good! I just tried it on this computer and on two others and it worked. hm.... it should bring up an email window addressed to and also list PO Box 1665, wellfleet, MA 02667, 508.349.5500 AND AND twitter @suedewave. hm.........
and btw -- I obviously don't check this message forum often, esp in this day and age of facebook. emailing us directly at the address I just gave gets the fastest response. facebook is also a great public place to yak amongst ourselves, of course. again, that's
and to be SURE to be the first to hear about new shows, new music, etc., be sure to join the private email list. you'll get a personal note from me every month or so - I will not slam your mailbox with long drawn out emails (unlike this post), the list is never shared or sold and only used by me. so it's safe and still, absolutely the best way to know, before the general public, about new stuff. so sign up at
ok? and then go 'like' my facebook page at