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Olivia Virgin Isles New Year's Eve Cruise

Please oh please sign on for this cruise. We fell in love with you on an Olivia cruise to Alaska years ago. We have seen you twice since then and hope to see you again.

We are planning on spending new years eve 2013/2014 with the ladies of Olivia, but it won't be the same without you.

We would love to see you back in Kansas City also, but I know a cruise to the Virgin Isles sounds much better.

Your fans from Kansas,
Tammy and Gloria

Re: Olivia Virgin Isles New Year's Eve Cruise

well thanks so much for the heartfelt invitation! here's how that works... olivia chooses who they ask on any trip they do - the artist doesn't get to choose, really -- although they're all great. seriously, I find, after having done about 80 of the trips by now, that the destination is bonus to what happens on every single trip when we all gather for a week together. so - I would most certainly consider an invitation from olivia for that trip. do me a favor and ask them to ask me, ok? really. they need to hear which artists you want to travel with. I'd appreciate it very much.

and as for KC - I love playing KC and look forward to being back. we're talking with our local producer about playing with a great local trio (leslie mcClean) at your fabulous club the blue room. if you're not on the private email list join it now to be sure you know when that's happening. join the list at