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I was delighted to see an album on iTunes. Are there plans for past and future albums to be available through iTunes, or digital? While I love vinyl, don't have luck with CDs, digital is so much more convenient and I get so much enjoyment out of your music, I will listen no all the time.

Our friend M.E. gave me so much through her friendship and mentoring, sharing your music with me was a great gift. I think about her always, and remember what great gift you gave the students at Delaware Tech with the concert in her memory.

Rhonda Tuman
Georgetown, Delaware

Re: iTunes

ALL the recordings are available on iTunes (and all online retailers), for those who read this and do not already know that. Easily Suede, Barely Blue, On the Day We Met, the DVD - Live at Scullers Jazz Club, which has aired on over 55 PBS stations nationally, and the most recent recording, with my own hand picked big band in NYC, Dangerous Mood! GO! BUY! BUY FOR FRIENDS, esp newbies..... Thanks, Rhonda, for giving me the chance to say all that publicly....

Re: iTunes

Anytime, suede
Be well and happy!