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Please feel free to post favorite recipes, song requests, clubs you'd like to see Suede play, reviews of recent shows, de-skunking remedies, etc., but please keep it clean...

Your Diva is a lady of delicate sensibilities, as you know.

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Hi Message Boarders, you devoted hold outs, when so many others go live on Facebook and Twitter now. God love ya. When many artists have dropped message boards from their sites Suede has chosen to keep this one operating as an easily accessible chat space for you all, at least for a while longer. But, I get ahead of myself.

Goudecs here, manager of the websites, email lists, message boards etc. Just a kind suggestion and reminder about how public this venue is, in case it sways your choice of words. Posters might want to consider keeping discussions to shows, song requests, venue requests, sharing stories with each other about recent shows, etc., as brief, intentionally public conversations. Just a kind suggestion...

Thanks for your ongoing continued support of Suede and her work. She's so worthy of it.