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Birthday celebration

My partner and I first saw you, Suede, on an Olivia cruise celebrating her fiftieth birthday. We are groupies. Gloria is celebrating 59 with a trip to the Birchmere this weekend because when you croon, she swoons! We love you bunches and if you want to wish her a Happy Birthday Saturday night, she would love it. Can't wait to see you again.

Re: Birthday celebration

hm............. I'll take it up with the band..... thanks for the sweet note and for honoring me by being at the show this weekend for the celebration. I am truly grateful and will do my best to remember to honor gayle - what with all the gazillion details in this very little brain of mine to be kept straight. in any case - a sincere HAPPY BIRTHDAY to gayle!!!!!

Re: Birthday celebration

Oh wow! Thank you. I am Gayle. The birthday girl is Gloria. I wasn't hoping for a rendition of Happy Birthday......just thought you could possibly say it, but I know what you do for one you would do for all. Can't wait to see you.
Love to you for all the joy you bring.
Gayle. (partner of Glo the birthday girl for 26 years)