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Happy Birthday Sallie

Hey Suede Fans :
One of Suede's faithful fans is Sallie from Arizona. Today is her birthday----at least 39 and a few. Sallie is Vietnam Vet and if in uniform would have shoulders of gold. She has a heart of gold as well. How fitting that this patriot was born on Flag Day!!!!!! Saluting you and America dear Sallie!!

Re: Happy Birthday Sallie

Happy Birthday, Sallie!

I hope you're out there letting all that gold shine for your special day

Re: Happy Birthday Sallie

thanks for spreading the news, dutey. sallie's story is truly extraordinary. she is one of the most incredible and amazing women I have ever had the honor of getting to know a bit. she is truly unstoppable and inspires everyone around her to be the same way too. after viet nam (and a seriously wounded vet at that, after meeting up with a landmine) she came out of the service and became an award winning shooting coach for olympic tri-athletes - I believe the first woman to do so. and believe me, that's just the very tip of the sallie iceberg. she's phenomenal. I spoke with her on her birthday and she sounds fabulous, already making plans to be in washington, DC for the birchmere date on oct 22 - from arizona! what a fan! what a woman!