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Back to the Birchmere

We were sooooo glad to read that you'll be back to the Birchmere in September. I'm checking their site dailt to see when tickets are available. In addition to us we have a couple semi-newbees who are anxious to share the Suede experience for a second time. Even though we're not new-bees Jim and I are anxiously awaiting your return.

BTW, we're planning our trip to P'town this year for Carnival. Who knows, we may run into you on the streets there again -- it sure would be nice!

Re: Back to the Birchmere

I'm thrillled that we'll be back at The Birchmere but heads up!!! The date has changed from the initial September date to Saturday, October 22 and I believe tickets are now on sale at And btw, Newbies are always fabulous to welcome to the fold but my loyal veterans will always hold a very special place in my heart. YOU give me the chance to continue living my childhood dream. Really. Thank you.

Re: Back to the Birchmere

Thanks for the update. I just bought our tickets -- plus a few extras.

Hope to see you in P'town this summer, but it's going to GREAT to see you "back where you belong!"