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Mexican Riviera Cruise 03/26/2011

I'm thrilled that I will have a chance to see you perform in a few weeks while on board the Ms Oosterdam. I can't wait!

Re: Mexican Riviera Cruise 03/26/2011

and I am glad that we'll both have a chance to soak up some sun! I don't know where you are but it's been quite the winter here in new england and seemingly everywhere I've gone be it MD, NY, NJ, even TX etc.... bring on the sun! yours truly is getting downright pale!
be sure to find me and introduce yourself on the ship - unless you don't like the show.... ;)
ok. now there's pressure. if you don't introduce yourself I'll think you didn't like the show. hm.... see you soon!

Re: Mexican Riviera Cruise 03/26/2011

No doubt that I'll love your performance. I'm a HUGE fan! And, I can't wait to meet you. Please bring lots of CDs to sell...I know the "cruisers" will be lined up for them.

Yes, I desperately need the sun too, but I'm fortunate to live down south and we've had 70s and 80s already. ;)



Re: Mexican Riviera Cruise 03/26/2011

Bon Voyage all you lucky Olivia cruisers!

Send some of those suedewaves back this way!

Re: Mexican Riviera Cruise 03/26/2011

Hi Suede! Victoria is my agent and had wonderful things to say about YOU! I had to come by and say HI! Are you on facebook? If So- I'd like to friend you! I'm at

and my website is Stop by and say Howdy!

Maybe one day of the fates and dates will align & you and I can do a show together!

PS I bet you're tan now!( wink)