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Hi there.
I'm sitting here in MI watching the snow fall and hoping you had good weather yesterday.
I have friends there with you enjoying your wonderful talent. Hopefully next year I'll be able to attend.

Re: Johnathan's

hi carol!
thanks so much for sending friends along to the show last night in ogunquit. it was a GREAT night. I had a blast, the audience was incredible, the house was packed and a dear friend even surprised me with flowers for the stage. I hope your friends had a great time too and want to come back often - next time WITH you.
thanks again for sending newbies my way!

Re: Johnathan's

great show last night (1/14/12) - the boys were wonderful as well!

Re: Jonathan's

yes, truly, it was one of the best ever - one of the top 3 of all time, no matter what else comes along. that good.... a truly extraordinary night. thanks for being there. and yes, my boys are the best and take such good care of me. I'm glad you got to experience that one. tell your friends to join in next time - may 26 - saturday of memorial day weekend, 2012!