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Feb. weather...Jonathan's in June?

Hi Suede! Hope to see you 2/19 at Jonathan's.If we can't get to ME d/t weather will we see you in June? You're not on Jonathan's concert list. We don't want to miss you. Mo and Bev

Re: Feb. weather...Jonathan's in June?

no plans for a june show as yet. in fact, other things are in the works on the other coast for then. the rather extreme winter weather has been kind to us on the road so far so fingers crossed that we'll see you in ogunquit for a great evening!

Jonathan's in February!

The weekend's looking mighty promising for your venture to Jonathan's, Mo and Bev! Sooo wishing I could be there too.
Enjoy the long weekend in Ogunquit, think spring (it's ALMOST here), and send along those suedewaves to us less fortunate peeps~~

Suede, as always we're with you in spirit... "until we meet again!"


Re: Jonathan's in February!

we are here in ogunquit and the weather is PERFECT!!!!! sun is shining, the ocean is amazingly beautiful against the rocky shoreline, rooms are cheap in the offseaon, some with fireplaces altho who needs them because temps are in the mid 60's!!!! actually, it gets perfectly chilly when the sun goes down - the best of both worlds. everyone get UP here!