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March in Nyack , NY Concert - yeah, baby!

Happy New Year, Darlink!
This is a blast from the past - Bonnie from Philadelphia who now hangs in central N.J. I'll be in the front row for the Nyack, NY show. I can't believe I have to fight with the diva's groupies to get a backstage pass & a front row seat. But I will, you better believe it, Suede!Here's my request for that show in Nyack in March - Janis Ian's "In The Winter" as done in her live recorded show at the Bottom Line in 1980.It's hauntingly beautiful, & perhaps my favorite song. I think you could sing & play it GREAT, and the other diva Marty, no longer with us for the last 22 years just smirked at both of us and said "Game On,Suede!" Either way ,I'll be there, Diva! Congrats.on LIVING THE DREAM & THE VIDA LOCA, Ricky! Or is that Lucy!?

Bonnie O.

Re: March in Nyack , NY Concert - yeah, baby!

Bonnie! wow!

how great to hear from you!
I do want to make sure you know the nyack show is in May, not March tho! May 7, Nyack Center, right in the middle of town. all details on the 'news' page of this site, of course.
I hope you're doing great and I hope I get to see you in May. think all this snow will be gone by then? ay, ay, ay!