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Olivia's Mexican Riviera Cruise

Hi y'all, I am a new convert to Suede as I first heard her on the Olivia Mexican Riviera Cruise in Oct. I immediately bought 2 CD's and I have been belting out "Defying Gravity" ever since. I would love to see her play somewhere here in Toronto, Canada in 2009 and wonder if that is a possibility. I did talk briefly to her after her show on the cruise and she said she has been here before. I wonder if anyone knows where. I would be willing to get the ball rolling to get her up here again. She is an amazing singer and I am happy to be listening to her. I am curious that no one from the cruise posted anything here. Are you out there Olivia Solo's?

Re: Olivia's Mexican Riviera Cruise

Hi there-I have had the priveledge of spending last week with the amazing lady that is Suede-she is an amazing talent with the voice of an angel and with a beautiful spirit and generosity and laughter -she is also very naughty ha! I love her and thank her for making the Olivia Barbados trip special.I too was a new convert after mexico so to have been able to get to know her was ace-may she continue to defy gravity.hugs Jan in the UK-"dont you have to go"??!

Re: Olivia's Mexican Riviera Cruise

Hello to all the Diva Devotees that could not make the Barbados Cruise....another day in the sun with fantastic voice and performance of Suede. I would like to suggest we increase our name by adding the word "International" to read "Diva Devotees International." Please express yourself (have you heard THAT before) The many countries that were present on this cruise made the trip more exciting and wonderful. The Brits were both beauiful and great to exchange words and discuss were all. Next concert with Vickie Shaw in Palm Springs, CA on 3 Apr. I will see those of you that can make it there.

Suede in Toronto, Ontario, eh??

This is in response to Judi Bonner's post all the way back in 2008 about Suede in Toronto, Ontario. Anyone have any news on that? Gawd, I miss Suede from all the way back in the mid-1980s at places like the Last Chance Saloon in Columbia, Md. Listening to her now - "On the Day We Met" and really need a live fix here in the Big Smoke (AKA Toronto). Suede, let's get you to Hugh's Room on Dundas West, eh? It's made for you, girl!