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Financial Saving Tips

» Make sure you have three account in your life this could in your bank or in your mind. One account for daily expenditure, 2nd one for future and 3rd one for emergencies.
» Do not buy things that you cannot afford.
» Start a long term savings plan with your bank.
» Use credit card to make all purchases, but pay it off monthly regularly cause it charge high interest rate.
» Pay all your bills by direct debit cause there will be no postal charge and that is risk free.
» Don’t buy checks from bank you may arrange check from printing companies.
» Buy a used car. New cars drop monetary value drops quickly. Drive a fuel efficient car.
» Avoid high traffic, unnecessary stopping and braking.
» Use the bus to get to work if available.
» Turn things off like TV, lights, AC when they are not in use this could save a lot money regularly.
» Use a programmable thermostat for Microwave, AC etc.
» Reduce your budget for foods and drinks with high calorie and fat.
» Sell your used /Old on product eBay or any such online marketing options available for free.
» Claim your benefits and tax credits
» Write a list before you go for shopping this will give you an accurate idea of expenditure.
» Before buying and expensive price compare the price from websites or directly try to buy product that is on sale.
» Get a digital camera. You save money on film.
» Try to use Open source Software like OpenOffice this will save lot money.

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Financial Saving Tips