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Category: Karaoke Business Operations
  1. What did you say E.T? -Peggy
  2. What the heck does Karaoke mean anyway? English please!

  1. What did you say E.T? -Peggy
    Check out the DJ Store we have a super deal on the top of the line for you. Business cards ABSOLUTLY!!!!! PILES OF THEM I wish I had some more parties, but am not grumbling mind you. I had a HUGE year last year and havr GROWING like a stringbean since March 23rd 1993 when I did my first commercial show at a seedy bar in Centrailia/Chehalis with pioneer ld's 01-10! Bought my first all pioneer900 selfcontained with 10 discs for around $1500 or something at renta a center!What is that, about 280 songs? I now run with up tp 7000 songs! How life has changed. I still have 2 of those 900 lasers players in my rental library. I do not prefer to use them! I go with the PIONEER888 dvd/cdg/vcd/cd/ld/player in Yelm. I paid around $835 for it. List was doulble. I use the dvd for live concerts and cool break music only. The dvd karaoke has to long of scroll period and takes about 2 to 3 minutes to punch up a song! OUCH! I also have 2 pioneer 88o's which have those HUGE BUTTONS on them which I LOVE. ALL RACK MOUNTED IN ANVIL CASES! I have four sets all together in cases. I service my machines regularly and even replace parts like tray doors and broken gears. Duncan over at Bayview Electronics is my master teck. He is wonderfull and inexpensive. Usually around Fifty bucks for a standard clean/service. I also have a rack mounted pioneer Twin Tray v60 or something like that. Get this I had it for 9 years and NEVER cleaned or serviced it untill this year when I broke out the gears in both the a and b tray. Cost about $56 to replace both gears and clean it. He said it was the cleanest one he had ever worked on of mine! Can you believe that? I sell this hard to kill baby at my site every day for only $339 plus shipping! CGD's and cd's only. At least my grandfather will not plat the vcd's. I have it racked with a standard cd player for my inbeetween or DJ times. It is a cool setup. If one tray quits reading, you have backup untill you go to have it fixed on Monday! I highly recomend this one, but I really like those big buttons on the 880 better, Problem is you have to use remote control for songs 16 or higher. It can be a pain if you lose the remote. Smart little Eric tucks it neatly away with the power supply and audio cord right inside the rack! That way yopu have everything in a hurry, and ussualy a back cord or two in your gig bag! Be overprepared baby! I have a used RSQsv222 player for sale for only $250! If you know anyone, I could even throw in a free cdg to make it.... well sweet. It plays fine and has cool features, but it was a mistake to buy it. My Teck guy cant get parts for it and wants to only service pioneer machines. So there you you have it. That is why it is up for sale. I will bump up to a dvd/cdg player. We sell the new Pioneer 555 dvd/cdg/vgd/cd but no ld at my sight for only $439 plus shipping and no tax! That will be my next purchace AFTER I sell off this deck. The first thing I will do is RACK it up!
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  2. What the heck does Karaoke mean anyway? English please!
    To answer this question we turn to the local Karaoke Expert of the Pacific Northwest, E.T. We are told that according to "SoundChoise" brand Karaoke products, the English translation for Karaoke would be "Empty Orchestra". This info can be confirmed on the Sound Choise "It's Showtime" graphic cdg. "It is a form of entertainment, originally from Japan, in which recordings of the music but not the words of popular songs are played, so that people can sing the words themselves: a karaoke bar/machine/night." (from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary) Some people think ...and I quote... "The definition of karaoke is... a bunch of people who shouldn't be drinking, listening to a bunch of people who shouldn't be singing." (from Karaoke2k.com Tacoma WA)
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